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2015: Los Angeles County Launched
2016: Orange County Launched
2017: Ventura County Launched
2017: San Mateo County Launched


ICAN-B was inspired by Dr. Jose Davila and Juan Davila’s father (Mr. Luis Davila), who urged both brothers to launch a project that will help people. Through this process, both brothers worked closely to launch ICAN-B. With hard work and support of their team, the ICAN-B movement started in 2015. Both brothers defied the odds of making this project a reality. Unfortunately, their father passed away a few months after ICAN-B was launched, but both brothers continued with the goal of making ICAN-B a special movement in memory of him.

Today, ICAN-B serves hundreds of families across California. ICAN-B has also launched projects that are outside of the norm for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) service providers, such as an animation series to teach children self-help skills, mascot to bring clients happiness during social skill events, and sports to provide opportunities for clients to generalize and socialize with peers.


Dr. Jose Davila

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Juan Davila

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In 2019, Dr. Wong Li Wei founded ICAN-B Asia. ICAN-B Asia has extended its outstanding ABA services to Hong Kong and China. Dr. Wong Li Wei is currently the only BCBA-D in Hong Kong.

Dr. Wong.

ICAN-B Asia Founder


Team ICAN-B is inspired to making ICAN-B not only a top ABA-provider,
but also making ICAN-B a movement of peace and love for the world!


Mission & Values

Using the science of behavior as an instrument to improve lives!

Using the science of behavior as an instrument to improve lives!