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ICAN-B provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) based therapy. ABA is based on empirically validated interventions and procedures that have been effective in positively changing the lives by teaching desired behaviors and working on reducing unwanted behaviors. ICAN-B uses both structured (e.g. DTT) and naturalistic approaches (e.g., NET). All of ICAN-B families are provided with an individualized plan and system that is supported by our clinical team.


ICAN-B was inspired by Dr. Jose Davila and Juan Davila’s father (Mr. Luis Davila), who urged both brothers to launch a project that will help people. Through this process, both brothers worked closely to establish ICAN-B. With hard work, the ICAN-B movement initiated in 2015. Both brothers defied the odds of making this project a reality. Unfortunately, their father passed away a few months after ICAN-B was launched, but both brothers continued with the idea of making ICAN-B a special movement in memory of him.

Today, ICAN-B serves hundreds of families across California. ICAN-B has also launched projects that are outside of the norm for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) service providers, such as animation projects, mascot to bring clients happiness during social skill events, and sports to provide opportunities for clients to generalize and socialize with peers.

Both brothers are inspired to making ICAN-B not only a top ABA-provider, but also making ICAN-B a movement of peace and love for the world!


2015: Los Angeles County Launched


2016: Orange County Launched


2017: Ventura County Launched


2017: San Mateo County Launched

Evolution of the brand

ICAN - B 2015 Logo

ICAN - B 2016 Logo

ICAN - B 2018 Logo


Dr. Jose Davila

Juan Davila

Mission Statement

Using the science of behavior as an instrument to improve lives!