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ICAN-B Clinical Supervision Model

ICAN-B Position Certification
Regional Director BCBA-D
Clinical Director BCBA
BCBA Supervisor BCBA
Case Manager Master Level
Behavior Technician RBT/In Process of RBT

Service Types

Service Type Who Provides this service type? Frequency of Service Type: Location of Service Type:
One to One Direct ABA Therapy Behavior Technician 5-6 Times per week
(2-3 Hours Per Session)
Supervision BCBA Supervisor/Case Manager 1-2 Times Per Week
(2-3 Hours Per Session)
Parent Training BCBA Supervisor/Case Manager 1 Time Per Week
(1-2 Hours Per Session)
Social Skills Sessions Behavior Technician 1-2 Times Per Week
(2-3 Hours Per Session)

Timeline of Services

  1. Phase Assessment
  2. Phase Wait for Authorization
  3. Phase Scheduling and Clinical Team work on assigning team
  4. Phase Meet & Greet with Clinical Team at the clinic
  5. Phase Services Begin
  6. Phase Reassessment every 6 months (Semi-Annual Review with Parents)
  7. Phase Fade out of Services
  8. Phase Graduation

Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods Structure:
Discrete Trial Training (DTT) Repetition of questions, immediate prompting, fast Pace Instruction, and immediate reinforcement.
Teaching Methods Structure:
Natural Environment Teaching (NET) Learner Led Instruction, based on learner interest, and contact with natural contingencies/reinforcement.

Behavior Reduction

All behavior reduction plans consist of:

Proactive strategies, teaching replacement behaviors, and reactive strategies.

The ICAN-B clinical team conducts assessments to ensure a function-based intervention is designed.

Process for Behavior Reduction

Step 1: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

Step 2: Identify Functions

Step 3: The ICAN-B clinical team probes the proactive, replacement behaviors, and reactive strategies to ensure strategies are effective in managing problem behaviors.

Step 4: Once ICAN-B clinical team has successfully identified the proper plan, then parents/caregivers will be included in the training process to ensure maintenance and implementation of the plan.

The clinical team will weekly analyze the data collected during sessions to ensure the proper progress is made.