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Social Skills Supervision Model

ICAN-B Position
BCBA Supervisor
Behavior Technician
Service Type: Who Provides this service type? Frequency of Service Type:
Social Skills Behavior Technician 1-2 Times Per Week
(2-3 Hours Per Session)


Group Individual
Practice social skill goals with peers Practice social skill goals with peers
Turn Taking Home programs with other children
Sharing Introduction to parallel play
Transition Introduction to basic social play

Assessment of Social Skills

ICAN-B’s clinical team designs social skill programs based on results attained through ABLL-S and VB-Mapp. These results allow for the clinical team to objectively identify the learner’s needs in social skills.

Generalization of Skills

  1. People: ICAN-B learners practice acquired skills with other Behavior Technicians and peers.
  2. Setting: ICAN-B learners practice acquired skills in a different setting from where the skill was originally acquired.
  3. Time: ICAN-B learners practice acquired skills during times that are outside of the typical ABA sessions.

Meeting Ziggy the Bee

At our social skills event, our ICAN-B friends have an opportunity to sing, dance, and learn with our mascot Ziggy the Bee!

Art Projects

During specific seasons of the year, the clinical team provides opportunities for ICAN-B friends to work together on projects.

Sports Activities

During the Spring and Summer season, ICAN-B has soccer camps. These camps provide opportunities for learners to interact with peers, while practicing a fun sport like soccer!

Yoga Activities

During ICAN-B social skill sessions, the team also includes opportunities for learners to have some relax time and to learn breathing techniques during yoga sessions.