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Parent Training Supervision Model
BCBA Supervisor
Parent Trainer
Service Type Who provides this service? Frequency of Service Type
Parent Training BCBA Supervisor

Case Manager

Registered Behavior Technician
1 to 2 time per week with 30 to 60 minutes
Teaching Methods Used During Parent Training Sessions
Behavioral Skills Training (BST) Model
Video Modeling
Conceptual Modules
Performance Feedback
Parent Training Session Structure
Discuss Concepts
Watch Clinically Relevant Videos
Practice Interventions
Receive Feedback
Role Play
Track Data

*ICAN-B will identify a teaching method that works best for parents.

Special Note: Parent Training is required by all funding sources.

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents?

1. Why is Parent Training Important for my child?

Parent Training is a critical component for all ABA Services, as these services are time limited (6-24 months), so having parent participation and involvement increases the likelihood of a successful ABA program. Further, parent training sessions allow parents to learn strategies to further assist their child in expanding their overall skill level. Parents learn important teaching methods that can help their children for a life time.

2. What can I do if work does not permit for me to participate?

ICAN-B will work on identifying times that the parent is available. If there are other caregivers (e.g., grandmother) who take care of the child, then the team advices for active participation as well.

3. Does ICAN-B have group parent training options?

Yes, ICAN-B has options to conduct parent training in groups. Inquire about this option with your assigned supervisor.